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It's no accident that successful brands all have a strong and unique voice. You need to know who you are talking to in order to engage them, inform them and sell your services or products to them.

I have 3 commonly sought after packages that will elevate your brand from waffle to wonderful!


Find a voice for your brand
(2 week process)
  1. I supply you a reverse brief, which asks you questions about how you want your brand to sound to your audience

  2. I use several tools to come back with a tonal scale that your brand sits on

  3. Once this scale is approved, I provide you with a comms deck that has several suggestions of copy that works well for your business and content examples that should be avoided

  4. This tone of voice deck can be handed to any marketing, PR or design agency who works on your brand in future, to ensure your brand sounds like you, and works hard to sell what you do

  5. Click here to view an example Tone of Voice document

$450 +GST


Communicate effectively through your website
(4 week process)
  1. Taking your notes, existing business communcations and a tone of voice doc (if you have it) I will create a content deck that your website developer can copy and paste from

  2. Includes writing for SEO if you have keyword phrases established

  3. Includes Homepage, About, Services and Contact pages

  4. Includes suggestions for placement of buttons, links and calls-to-action throughout site, which helps your developer design the site

$650 +GST*

* For websites beyond the standard 4 page setup listed above, I will quote you individually. 


Carry your tone of voice through every touchpoint
(3 week process)
  1. Based on your website content, I can roll out other commonly used communications that can help your team maintain a unified tone of voice

  2. Includes 5 automated email responses (for your website or mailchimp etc), LinkedIn company page content, 1 x 300ww blog article for your website, and 1 Request for information document intro

$550 +GST

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