13 Aug 2018

Angela Farrell discusses how to plan and write your own website content, based on 15 years copywriting experience

3 Jul 2017

I've given birth again!

But this time it's not to a human... to a new business!

New Mama Kit exists to provide beautiful and meaningful gift hampers to New Mothers, right after they give birth. The goodies inside will help them heal and feel better - essential for feeling good about all the changes that come with being a new Mum.

The idea for the business came about when a friend DIY'd me a gift box full of useful items, all with...

21 Sep 2016

Besides being a fantastic reason to stay fit through the winter months, The 2016 City 2 Surf was a lot of fun, and a huge fundraiser for the Soccajoeys Foundation!

We raised a massive $22,720, which will provide young families that have children with additional needs gain FREE access to Sports Development Programs.

To date, the Foundation has supported the participation of 221 children, and has successfully transitione...


This might be an unexpected start to our article, but what’s your end goal? Where do you personally want to end up?


When we start with the end goal, we very quickly get to the point of why you own your business. For example, if your end business goals and objectives are to work less, travel more or own a house, they are actually the driving force behind your business. Obviously they are not communicated on the front page of y...

10 Nov 2015


We’ve all been writing since we were five years old, but there are a few reasons why it’s better to call in the professional (after you’ve had a crack yourself, of course;)


1. Copywriters are trained to condense three pages of well-intentioned waffle into a succinct home page or a single sided marketing flyer. Potential customers don’t always have time to read more than a couple of paragraphs. It's great if you can put pen to...

29 Jul 2015

Linkedin profiles are fast becoming the real face of businesses and individuals. With the right summary, skills and experience written in the right language, it's relatively easy to take your profile from beginner to 'All-star'. Carly experienced a huge lift in the number of profile views and a much-improved Linkedin rating within days of publishing the new content. Handy tip - a great free stock image or one of your own pictu...

20 Jul 2015

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that taking a career break really means putting on the brakes on the career!

It would be nice to think that now, in 2015, us WOMOBIJOs (Women Mothers with big jobs*) could give birth (I understand there is no getting around that bit unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger) then totter back to our careers as though nothing had happened. But things did happen. We were required, for a time, t...

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July 3, 2017

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