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Nothing less than I expected, which is pretty huge, especially when you are only days away from going on your maternity leave! I had the pleasure of working with you numerous times whilst at the Zoo Republic, and Lend Lease was no different to the usual - you were incredible. The ideas that you came up with, the positioning and the way you presented have put us in a very strong position. So a massive thank you!!


Matt Fulton, Managing Director, Liquid Marketing, Perth.



Angela approaches work challenges with the sort of left field thinking that leaves you wondering; 'why didn't I think of that?' She takes on work challenges with enthusiasm and grace, and always managed to impress with her level of insight, intelligence and quick wit.


Clare Marshall, Former Creative Director, The Zoo Republic, Sydney.


Clare Marshall, Former CD, The Zoo Republic

Angela has helped us solve every creative challenge under the sun, for our bookkeeping business. Branding, a display for our Expo stand, boosting our social media presence, creating content and sending out eNewsletters each month... the list goes on. We can trust Angela to take our brief and run with it. She gets it done on time every time.


Jess Johnson, Client Manager, Build on Bookkeeping, Sydney.

Clare Marshall, Former CD, The Zoo Republic

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