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New Business Launch!

I've given birth again!

But this time it's not to a human... to a new business!

New Mama Kit exists to provide beautiful and meaningful gift hampers to New Mothers, right after they give birth. The goodies inside will help them heal and feel better - essential for feeling good about all the changes that come with being a new Mum.

The idea for the business came about when a friend DIY'd me a gift box full of useful items, all with sticky notes about how they might help me. I LOVED IT. Besides the cooked meals that friends brought over, this was hands-down the most useful and caring gift someone could have given at this stressful and tiring (and wonderful) time.

The business is still in it's early stages of getting the word out there and gaining momentum - but importantly all the designing, planning, ordering and setup is done - and the business is live online.

Curious? Head to:

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