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You can create great content for your website

Recently, clients have asked me if it is possible to create great content for your website, regardless of how much or little website copywriting experience you have. Right now, I'm working on a white paper to help business owners and managers create the most engaging and relevant content for their own website, based on my experience writing for big brands AND most up to date content rules from SEO experts.

How would YOU prefer to digest a guide to writing your own website content? I'd love to know before I press publish!

Watching a video demo or class on website content creation?

Reading a white paper on website content creation?

Post your comment below so I know how best to structure the info for YOU!

White paper information will include:

  • Planning out your website

  • Using your business mission and values to form the content for your website

  • How to START writing your website content

  • Get writing: What information to focus on first

  • The first edit: what to leave out of your website content

  • How to write with your business' tone of voice

  • Website writing tools and resources, used by the best

  • Checklist before sending your website live

  • Future writing list to keep your website relevant and searchable without spending any more

I will be emailing all my contacts once this information is ready to share, so please join the list HERE so you don't miss out.


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