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Why engage a copywriter for your business communications?

We’ve all been writing since we were five years old, but there are a few reasons why it’s better to call in the professional (after you’ve had a crack yourself, of course;)

1. Copywriters are trained to condense three pages of well-intentioned waffle into a succinct home page or a single sided marketing flyer. Potential customers don’t always have time to read more than a couple of paragraphs. It's great if you can put pen to paper first, that way the copywriter will have your voice in their head while editing or re-writing your content.

2. Copywriters know how to write for each channel. There are different rules, word counts and language tools whether you need content for a business card, linkedin page, brochure or newsletter. Keywords will be considered if writing for your website, while a strong call-to-action will be developed for other marketing collateral.

3. Copywriters can use the tone-of-voice that’s best for your audience. What captures the attention and informs a Tradesperson is very different to an Elderly Woman or an Investment Banker. Words, expressions, commonly understood industry terms or even the way you greet the reader will impact the success of your marketing efforts.

Spend a bit of time and energy getting it right with an expert copywriter, and make sure your brand's words are seen, found, read, understood and deliver a result!

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