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My baby ate my career

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that taking a career break really means putting on the brakes on the career!

It would be nice to think that now, in 2015, us WOMOBIJOs (Women Mothers with big jobs*) could give birth (I understand there is no getting around that bit unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger) then totter back to our careers as though nothing had happened. But things did happen. We were required, for a time, to keep our babies alive with love, nurture and milk. And we loved every second of it. But because our biological reposibilities are so huge and the strain on our bodies so great, there doesn't seem to be any hope for returning to the same level of responsibility or income that we saw 10 months ealier.

Rather than looking at my career as something my little one gobbled up like a mashed banana, I've leant to be grateful for the point I reached in my career before becoming a Mum, and set some goals to be bigger and brighter than ever, when that time feels right.

I've arrived at this point with a few really cool resources, if any other WOMOBIJOs are in need of a little pep-talk!

1. Oprah and Deepak's latest 21 Day meditation on Gratitude

2. The book 'Overwhelmed' by Bridget Shulte

3. Career Coaching from 'The Change Starter'

* One of my favourite phrases coined by Bridget Shulte in her book 'Overwhelmed'

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